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Clover manufactures a comprehensive range of high quality Retail Compost Products for Specialist Plant and Garden Centre sales. Our ever increasing range is listed below, with more product information.

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    AVAILABLE IN:*50L...
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    New eye-catching packaging design launched Spring 2018. Same Great product in new Bag design.A Consistent , high quality compost with a nutrient enriched formula and wetting agent to ensure easier watering. Used for seed sowing. potting, containers and hanging baskets. Available in:75 Litre Bag60...
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    A new range of quality composts for the Retail and Professional market, manufactured in Eire using 100% Irish Moss Peat, in partnership with Clover Peat Ltd.AVAILABLE IN:56 Litre Bags( *Available as Full loads only )For more information e-mail :
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    Made using organic Green -waste MaterialsAvailable in: 40L...
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  • Multi Purpose Compost

    A consistent, high quality Multi Purpose Compost with a nutrient enriched formula and wetting agent to ensure easier watering. Used for seed sowing, potting, containers and hanging baskets.Available in: 100 Litre Bale 75 Litre Bag 60 Litre Bag 40 Litre Bag 20 Litre Bag 10 Litre Bag...
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  • Mother Earth Multi Purpose Compost

    A budget multi-purpose compost containing all essential nutrients and wetting agents. Suitable for a wide range of plants.Available in: 60 Litre Bag...
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  • Garden Peat

    Containing the highest quality sphagnum moss peat, this product helps improve natural drainage and aeration of heavy clay-type soils, while adding structure to light, sandy soils.Available in: 60 Litre Bag...
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  • Growing Bag

    2 high quality growing bags in 4 Plant and 3 Plant ,size containing all the nutrients required to grow a wide variety of edible and ornamental crops.Available in: 4 Plant Bag3 Plant Bag...
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  • Bulb Compost

    A high quality compost, specifically formulated for a wide range of indoor and outdoor container grown bulbs.Available in: 10 Litre Bag...
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  • Blended Farmyard Manure

    Blended farm yard manure, a completely natural and organic garden fertiliser and soil improver. Available in: 40 Litre Bag...
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  • John Innes Enriched Multi-Purpose

    A high quality multi-purpose compost with added John Innes to increase water holding capacity and nutrient retention. Suitable for bedding plants, pot plants and shrubs. Use in tubs, containers and hanging baskets.Available in:60 Litre Bag...
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