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Clover manufactures a comprehensive range of high quality Retail Compost Products for Specialist Plant and Garden Centre sales. Our ever increasing range is listed below, with more product information.

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  • John Innes No.2

    A traditionally formulated John Innes compost for potting on of bedding plants and vegetable plants.Available in: 25 Litre Bag ...
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  • Origional Multi Purpose Compost

    A consistent, high quality compost with a nutrient enriched formula and wetting agent to ensure easier watering. Used for seed sowing, potting, containers and hanging baskets.Available in: 80 Litre Bag...
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  • Tub & Basket Compost

    A compost specifically formulated for summer hanging baskets and containers, with all the essential nutrients. It also contains Moisture Store granules for increased water retaining capacity.Available in: 40 Litre Bag...
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  • Rhododendron, Azalea & Camellia (ericaceous) Compost

    A carefully formulated compost containing all the essential nutrients, trace elements and a wetting agent, pH adjusted for lime hating plants. Suitable for Heathers, Camelias, Azaleas, Rhododendrons and other lime hating species.Available in: 75 Litre Bag 40 Litre Bag...
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  • Wonder Grow Organic all purpose peat reduced compost

    A high quality all-purpose peat reduced compost formulated with organic nutrients and added bio-stimulants. Suitable for a while range of ornamental and edible plants.Available in: 70 Litre Bag...
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  • Irish Moss Peat

    High quality sphagnum moss peat for compost making, soil improvement, mulching and lawn dressing.Available in: 200 Litre Grower Bale 100 Litre Bale...
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  • Organic Soil Conditioner

    A natural source of organic fibre and humus. Improves the most difficult of soils, helps retain moisture in dry soils, while improving drainage in heavy clay soils. Also acts to suppress common weeds.Available in: 60 Litre Bag...
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  • Extra Large Tomato & Salad Crop Bag

    A premium quality extra large tomato and salad crop bag, containing organic nutrients and seaweed extract for natural and fuller flavour produce.Available in: 3-5 Plant Bag...
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  • Rose, Tree & Shrub Planting Compost

    A compost specifically formulated for the container growing of roses, trees and shrubs or as a soil improver prior to planting.Available in: 40 Litre Bag...
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  • Seed & Cutting Compost

    A specifically formulated compost containing essential nutrients ensuring healthy germination of seedlings and vigorous root development of cuttings.Available in: 25 Litre Bag...
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  • Potato and Vegitable bag

    "Taste the difference” A carefully formulated cropping bag containing natural plant foods. Suitable for a wide range of fruit and vegetables.Available in: Extra Large Bag...
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  • John Innes Seed

    A traditionally formulated John Innes compost specifically formulated for seed sowing.Available in: 25 Litre Bag...
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