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Clover manufactures a comprehensive range of high quality growing media for the professional grower. Our modern factory allows us to offer both standard and prescription mixes , packed and distributed to suit individual customer and crop requirements.

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  • Fine Grade Irish Moss Peat

    Fine grade screened peat. Use in compost mixes for seed, modular, cutting and bedding plant produc- tion, top dressings and soil conditioning. AFP = 9-11%, pH = 3.8 - 4.2 Partical range: 0mm - 6mmAvailable in: 200 Litre Bale...
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  • Medium Grade Irish Moss Peat

    Screened, graded and blended with sod-cut peat to give good aeration and reduce water retention. Suitable for compost mixes in pot plants and nursery stock, soil conditioning and mulching. AFP = 15-19%, pH = 3.8 - 4.2 Partical range: 0mm - 30mmAvailable in: 200L Bales75L Bags ...
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  • Tree Planting & Mulching Compost

    An economical tree planting and mulching compost. Formulated with trace elements and slow release fertiliser. AFP = 12-14%, pH = 5 - 6 Partical range: 0mm - 25mmAvailable in: 75 Litre Bag...
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  • Strawberry Crop Bag

    A professional growing module, measuring 1m x 0.3m, specifically formulated for protected strawberry production. Medium/coarse structure with clay granules and all essential nutrients. AFP = 14-16%, pH = 5 - 6, Partical range: 0mm - 25mm...
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  • General Grade Irish Moss Peat

    Milled peat, suitable for general purpose applications such as compost mixes for bedding plants and pot plants, soil conditioning and animal bedding. AFP = 11-13%, pH = 3.8 - 4.2 Partical range: 0mm - 20mmAvailable in: 100 Litre Bale 200 Litre Bale...
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  • Clay Based Compost

    Fine to medium structure with all the essential base nutrients and wetting agents. The inclusion of clay granules buffers the nutrients and improves crop management. Suitable for longer term and winter bedding and small pot plants in a liquid feeding regime. AFP = 12-14%, pH = 5.5 - 6 ...
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  • Seed and Modular Compost

    Fine grade peat, with low nutrient to control early growth. Contains wetting agent and 5% sand to ensure root contact and prevent capping. Suitable for seed sowing, plug trays, cuttings and general propagation. AFP = 10-12%, pH = 5.5 - 6 Partical range: 0mm - 6mmAvailable in: 80 L...
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  • Pot /Bedding Compost

    Fine to medium grade peat, with all the essential nutrients, trace elements and wetting agent. Suitable for tray bedding and small pots. AFP = 11-13%,pH = 5.5 - 6 Partical range: 0mm - 12mmAvailable in: 75 Litre Bag 3m3 Bulk Bag...
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  • Potting Compost

    Medium grade peat, with high nutrient and open structure to increase drainage. Contains wetting agent and perlite. Suitable for short and long term pot plants, baskets and containers. AFP = 12-14%,pH = 5.5 - 6 Partical range: 0mm - 15mmAvailable in: 75L Litre Bag 3m3 Bulk Bag...
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  • Tub & Basket Compost

    Medium grade peat with high nutrient. The addition of Moisture Store granules reduces watering frequency and helps prevent water evaporation. Suitable for tubs, planters and summer hanging baskets. AFP = 13-15%, pH = 5.5 - 6 Partical range: 0mm - 15mmAvailable in: 80 Litre Bag 3...
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  • Primula & Pansy Compost

    Fine to medium grade peat, with the addition of clay granules and low base nutrient for optimum growth control. This mix also contains fine bark and a lower pH to help control disease and maintain iron uptake. AFP = 12-14% pH 5.0 - 5.5 Partical range: 0mm - 12mmAvailable in: ...
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  • Container Compost

    Medium to coarse grade peat, open structured with optional grit. Contains wetting agent and base nutrient with trace elements. Controlled release fertiliser and insecticides may be added to accommodate crop requirements. Suitable for nursery stock, shrubs and large pot plants. AFP = 14-1...
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